A New England and Eastern Canada Edible and Medicinal Mushroom Resource

Mushrooms with Gills, Ridges or Teeth

Chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius)

Black Trumpet (Craterellus cornucopioides, C. cenerius, C. foetidus)

Small Chanterelles (Craterellus tubaeformis, C. ignicolor)

Hedgehog (Hydnum repandum, H. umbilicatum)

Horse and Meadow Mushroom (Agaricus arvensis, A campestris)

Parasol Mushroom (Macrolepiota procera)

Shaggy Mane (Coprinus comatus)

(White) Matsutake (Tricholoma magnivelare)

Blewit (Lepista nuda)

Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus,  P. populinus)

Mushrooms with Pores

King Bolete (Boletus edulis) Boletus variipes and other.

Two Colored Bolete (Boletus bicolor)

Maitake (Grifola frondosa)

Chicken of the Woods   (Laetiporus sulphureus)

Dryads Saddle (Polyporus squamosus)

Other Mushrooms

Morels (Morchella esculenta, M. elata)

Puffballs  (Calvatia gigantea, Calvatia cyathiformis, others)

Lobster Mushroom (Hypomyces lactifluorum)

Aborted Entoloma (Entoloma abortivum)


Medicinal Mushrooms

Maitake (Grifola frondosa)

Reishi (Ganoderma tsugae, G. lucidum)

Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor)

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)

Artist's Conk (Ganoderma applanatum)


Collecting, Photographing and Cooking 

Rules for Collecting

Collecting Tips

Useful Equipment

Photographing Mushrooms

Evaluating Flavor
using basic cooking processes

Dyeing Fabrics and Paper with Mushrooms

Mushroom Photograph Galleries



Contact Mushroom Maineiac 

Home foraged mushrooms and other products for sale

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) I have dried whole chaga available for $20 per lb + $7(1 lb.) for shipping. Shipping rates vary for greater amounts. Supply is currently low.

Reishi/Lingzhi (Ganoderma tsugae) I have dried whole hemlock reishi available for $20 per lb + $7(1 lb.) for shipping. Shipping rates vary for greater amounts. SOLD OUT!

These are wildcrafted Maine mushrooms picked by me. Other mushrooms may be available during the season. I can occasionally pick for custom orders.

Restaurants wishing to receive fresh wild mushrooms such as fresh Maine chanterelles or matsutake in season by FedEx please call 207-845-2124 or email Contact Mushroom Maineiac 

I am available for private and semi private mushroom/foraging walks and mushroom talks with a PowerPoint show.  I know quite a bit about plant and other foraging as well that will be shared on mushroom walks. I also do mushroom cooking demos and point and shoot mushroom/nature photography instruction. Email or call me for more information.  I do mushroom weekends in conjunction with Le Vatout Bed and Breakfast in Waldoboro Maine. Call LeVatout for arrangements.

My mushroom book Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms of New England and Eastern Canada has been released as of 7-21-09. You can email me for author signed copies or pay $20 + $3 (shipping) USD by PayPal using this email address. I also accept checks. Maine residents need to add $1 more for sales tax. Canadian pricing is $20 + $7. It will also be available in book stores and online. That supports the author less well. You can read Amazon customer reviews here.

If you like my photography, I have products like tee shirts, aprons, coffee cups, and other items available here.  A delicious mushroom found throughout the season.








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